3D Rose Tutorial

The below tutorial shows you how to make a fully 3D rose.

1. First of all, make your template from scrap paper, card. It needs to be a round flower shape – but there’s no need to make it perfect! Alternatively you could use a die, should you have a suitable one.


2. Use your template (or die) to cut out 5 flower shapes out of paper/thin card. For this one, I have used thin card. On 4 of them nip in towards the centre.



4. Roll up your flowers that you cut petals out of. The one that has 2 petals cut out of it will be the very middle section, and the flower with 1 petal cut out of it will be the second most inner flower in your fully 3D bloom. You will neede to glue up the rolled sections, like it is shown below.


5. Shape you other petals. You can either do this with a tool or just your fingers. Then, using PVA glue (or any other dries clear strong adhesive), construct your rose. Do this by “stacking” each section of the rose within each other, so that it looks like the picture below. You can coat your rose with dries clear glue, and this gives it a shiny finish, and makes the rose more sturdy and structured.


Your rose is finished! Why not try using patterned paper? Or decorating the rose with glitter? Give it a go! I hope you like this tutorial!


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