Decoupage Rose Tutorial

How to Make a Decoupage Rose using my Free Download

The free download used in this project can be found here:

First of all print out three of the rose downloads. Make sure they are all of the same size. You can use either paper or thin card: the choice is yours. Then cut them all out, as neatly as possible. On the first you leave it whole, but one the other two make them smaller by cutting a few of the petals off like is shown on the picture.


Next, just give your roses a bit of shape by curling them around a pencil or tool, if you have one. Then build your rose up by using either 3D foam pads or 3D glue gel (such as Collal or Pinflair). The largest rose must be on the bottom and the smallest on the top.


You now have a fully 3D rose.


It looks great if you build up a corsage of varying sizes of these roses on your cards.


Full details of the above card can be found here:

Go on, have a go! It’s really easy to do but looks fab!


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